HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- A local business in Horseheads will soon be closing its doors for good, after operating for more than a decade. 

Party Time in Horseheads announced it will close down on its Facebook page Monday morning. According the post, a changing market is one of the driving forces behind the decision to shut down. 

"It was an increasing difficult environment for retail in general. A lot more people are shopping online and over the last couple years we've noticed a lot more competition end up in our small market. It just makes it difficult when they have some additional buying power that we don't have the opportunity to do," says Owner R.C. Ike.

The store is now offering a 70% discount on mostly everything (except inflated balloons, due to helium costs). This includes all things Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, graduation, and more. 

"We did it at this time of the year to really thank our community at this time and really give them an opportunity to save a bunch of money on the Halloween season. That's why we did it on the 21st and the last 10 days of the month really to give them the best savings...kind of our way of saying thank you," Ike adds.

There is no set date for the last day of business, although it is expected to happen some time next month. The Horseheads Party Time, located on Chambers Road, has been in business for 13 years.