WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Schuyler County woman convicted of conspiring to kill her baby's father in 2013 has, once again, been denied an appeal. According to the Schuyler County District Attorney's Office, this decision effectively exhausts all of Trappler's state court appeal options. 

As WENY News has reported,  Trappler was tangled in a child custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Bennett. Bennett was supposed to be in Steuben County Family Court for a paternity matter the morning after he was murdered. 

The Steuben County's D.A.'s office says the investigation carried out by law enforcement determined Trapper had provided the murder weapon, described as a "sawed off shotgun," to Borden before he killed Bennett. 

Officials say during trial, there was significant proof of Trappler's guilt in the form of text messages between her and Borden, including GPS coordinates. 
In one message, Trappler tells Borden, "Just talked to jeff...aholes been fishing til ju[s]t [sic] now." Borden reportedly later tells Trappler, "Watching tv now mayb asleep in an hour," to which Trappler responds, "Think we should stop texting...towers traceable??...U tried to serve..."

The GPS coordinates, according to the Steuben County D.A.'s Office, proved Borden was in the area of Bennett's home during the exchange. Then, in the early morning hours after Bennett was murdered (and shortly before he was supposed to be in family court), Trappler texted Borden, "Wonder if he will show up this time lol." 

Borden was later located by police just outside of Philadelphia, but while he was apprehended, he escaped and jumped in front of a commuter train, which led to his death. Trappler went on to go to trial, where a Schuyler County jury found her guilty in a little over four hours. 

As WENY News reported in April, Trappler's fall 2018 appeal to the NYS Appellate Division, Third Department was denied. She then submitted an application for leave to the Court of Appeals, where her lawyer argued that the court made an error in denying her initial appeal. Trappler's lawyer argued the court should not have allowed the jury to hear testimony from Nathan Hand, a co-conspirator in the matter. The lawyer also claimed the evidence was not legally sufficient to support Trappler's conviction. 

Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph Fazzary argued there were no further legal questions which would trigger the Court of Appeals' authority to review the case.