ITHACA,N.Y.(WENY)-- "Petal It Forward" day was created by the Society of American Florists to spread happiness around the nation with free flowers. 48 states participate in this nationwide event for one day, handing out bouquets of flowers to brighten up a passer-byes day. For the first time, Bool's Flower Shop, in Ithaca, participated in this day of spreading happiness. The owner and her staff took shifts walking around the Ithaca Common's and surrounding areas to hand out two bouquets of flowers to strangers, friends, or family. 

"The idea is you pick random people, or people you know, and you give them two bouquets, one for them and then one for them to pass on, to petal it forward. To pass on the kindness and the goodwill," says Doreen Culver-Foss, Owner of Bool's Flower Shop.

Doreen loved the idea of being able to make people happy with these small acts of kindness, but she told WENY News that it not only made strangers happy, but it had a really positive effect on her and her staff also. 

"It makes us really happy.We're having a really good time. We're having probably as much fun as all the people we're giving the flowers too, if not more. It's great to see someone smile, light up, be very happy," says Culver-Foss.

This day is all about random acts of kindness, because you never know what someone is going through, especially in today's world. Something as simple as a bouquet of flowers can really turn a persons day around. 

"People are just amazed that you are giving them flowers, I mean people have said "you've made my day, it's great, thank you." Somebody else came back and said the girl said " I was having a really bad week and now it's so much better. So we're making a lot of people happy," Culver-Foss tells WENY news.

The event was one day only, but Doreen told WENY News that she is hoping to continue to participate in this national event for years to come.