WATKINS GLEN, NY (WENY) -- A staple in downtown Watkins Glen will soon be closing, but not permanently. Captain Bill's Pirate Ship on the shores of Seneca Lake will be torn down to make way for new cruise terminal.

Captain Bill's is part of a Watkins Glen downtown revitalization initiative set forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo in June of 2018. So, Captain Bill's is not closing for good instead it will be closing for the winter months before opening with a newer, grandeur building that will have a lot more to offer the community.

We spoke with Matt Simiele, the owner of Captain Bill's, on why the must needed change.

"We're not closing, we are going to tear down the existing facade of Captain Bill's. Take that building down and it's part of the D.R.I. through the village. We received grant money from the state of New York. We will be rebuilding the facility with a 5,000 square foot  multi-use building. We've outgrown the old building so, we're not going anywhere we're just expanding, growing and it's part of this new initiative through the state," said Simiele.

The old Captain Bills will be gone by mid November, but by Summer of 2020 a new two story cruise terminal will be built in its place.

Simiele said, "So the first floor will be for ticketing for both the Stroller 4, which is a sight seeing cruise and the Seneca legacy, our dining vessel. The top floor offices, storage, we'll have our bridal suite up there for our wedding cruises which is something new and that we'll add to our wedding packages." 

"It's very exciting, we look forward to the future," said Simiele.

We also spoke with County Administrator, Tim O'Hearn on what will continue to happen across Watkins Glen.

"The village is a recipient of  D.R.I. funding from the state in the amount of $10 million and those projects are really just beginning to start the implementation phase. Designing and planning has been going on since the award was announced. Some of these projects are just getting ready to begin, the Captain Bill's terminal being one of the first ones", said O'Hearn.

The Captain Bill's project is not the only project on tap for Watkins Glen, improvements will soon be made to Clute Park, the V-F-W Building, and Lafayette Park and that's just to name a few.