CORNING, N.Y.(WENY)-- After being exclusively located in Watkins Glen N.Y. for about seven years, Nickel's Pit BBQ officially opened their Corning location on Monday, October 28th. The store location had been under construction throughout the Summer months, prepping and making sure everything would be perfect the day they opened their doors and on Monday, without making a big fuss, they opened the Corning location. 

"The community has been great. Word got out really quickly, so our soft opening maybe wasn't so soft, but that's a good thing, we're ready," Nick Thaier, Co-Owner of Nickel's Pit BBQ told WENY News. 

There are a few other BBQ locations on Market Street which the co-owner said are all great, but what sets their restaurant apart from the others is that they do not have a specific set style. 

"With us we're unique. We're not a specific style, we kind of developed over the last seven years we've been open in Watkins glen. So we have some interesting techniques and some fun things we do that maybe other places don't. So I think just that quality of being unique is something that, that's just us," says Thaier. 

Thaier told WENY News to keep an eye on their social media for their official grand opening ceremony but until then, they will be open their regular hours which you can find here.