HARRISBURG, Pa. (WENY) -- Opening a business in Pennsylvania just became easier, with the creation of the PA Business One-Stop Shop Registration Checklist.

The tool is meant to help small business owners and entrepreneurs more easily access necessary license, permits, forms, and contract information, personalized for the needs of their company, in just a few minutes.

"The registration checklist allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel confident in the preliminary steps of registering their business, which can be an overwhelming process," Governor Wolf said. "The PA Business One-Stop Shop was created with exactly that intention -- to take out the guesswork and ensure that resources are collectively available and can be accessed with ease."

The checklist is a new expansion upon last year's program.

Previously, small business owners and entrepreneurs had to reach out to multiple agencies and organizations for assistance.

But Governor Wolf believes that is a detriment to the commonwealth's economy.

Small businesses employ about half of Pennsylvania's private workforce. About 99.6 percent of all businesses in the state are small businesses.