ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Mayor Dan Mandell was re-elected as Mayor for the city of Elmira on Tuesday night.

Republican Mayor Dan Mandell led the poles and will serve another term for the city of Elmira for the next four years. Mandell was running against two candidates, democrat Alex Sweet and third-party candidate Susan Skidmore. Late last month, Sweet announced on Facebook that he was dropping out of the race. Back in 2015, Mandell won against Susan Skidmore, a democrat and also the former Mayor of Elmira. In the past Mandell worked for the Chemung County Sheriff's Office for over 25 years, before obtaining his first term here as Mayor, and now he will continue that role. WENY spoke with Mandell about his second term and what he plans to do for the city.

"A big thing that we're going to work on is our housing stock coming up this next year. We've just qualified for a cities rise grant and we're hoping to hear how much money we're going to get for that grant to improve our housing stock in Elmira. So that will help our housing stock become much better throughout the city of Elmira," says Mayor Dan Mandell. 

Mayor Dan Mandell will be sworn in on January 1st.