Corning, NY (WENY) -- Mayoral incumbent for the city of corning, Bill Boland is claiming victory after the unofficial results came in Tuesday night. Just after 10:15pm mayor Boland gave a short victory speech.

It was a night for the incumbent, as mayor Bill Boland will have another 2 years to continue to work at the leading man in the crystal city. Minutes after results came in Mayor Boland addressed the committee right in the heart of his city, in a building on Market street that looks out over Centerway square. When asked what he hopes to accomplish this time around he noted that he's looking forward to continuing the progress he's made.

Mayor Boland was sworn in as mayor in 2018 after beating republican candidate Nick Weinstein and Elizabeth Whitehouse in November of 2017. This time around he beat an old rival in Whitehouse who ran as a Green Party candidate.

Improving housing is a major priority piece of Mayor Boland's plank.He's proud of being able to keep the property tax increase below the state mandated tax cap. Boland will also be able to look out his window and see the completion of the 176Denison apartment project.

One thing that will help the mayor along in his second term is his valuable experience. He previously served on the city Council in 2011 and than 4 years later 2015. Following his work as a councilman he took over the role of Deputy Mayor. Boland said unlike the country, the city is always willing to work together.

“"It's a validation I think of the work that we're doing. It's been done on a nonpartisan basis. Very rarely in the city council do you see partisanship exhibited some I think that people hopefully voted across party lines it's certainly what I've encouraged them to do and that's what's happened in the past with me." said Mayor Boland.

In an address to his constituents at the Corning City Democratic committee party he made sure to thank all the voters both for and against him as well as his opponent.

The votes are in however, the results still need to be certified.