HARRISBURG, Pa. (WENY) -- The Pennsylvania GOP has filed an emergency injunction over alleged voting irregularities.

Voters in the state went to the polls yesterday, casting votes for Philadelphia Mayor and the state's superior court.

But the Pennsylvania GOP released a statement listing multiple complaints, including what they called a complete breakdown of lawful election process.

"There has been chaos today unfortunately across the state as a result of the new election voting machines that were implemented by Governor Wolf," Counsel to the Pennsylvania GOP Rebecca Warren said. "This is an unfunded mandate which unfortunately did not give sufficient time to each of the counties to ensure that the voting machines were working properly. And being able to keep up with the demand. That was a really big issue today." 

Despite machine malfunctions, state and federal officials assured voters that a sophisticated network of partnerships is safeguarding the election.

"Election security is a race without a finish line, and we must continue to build and strengthen our cyber walls faster than those who are trying to tear them down," Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said. "Our strong federal, state, and county partners are working around the clock to ensure this."

The York County Board of Commissioners issued a statement apologizing for delays and saying one voting machine per polling place was not enough. They said they are working to address the issue before the next election.