SAYRE, PA (WENY) - It's been a long time coming, with 6 years in the talks and a year after breaking ground, the Diahoga walking trail in finally open to the public.

In 2011, floods hit the area and this location was once underwater. After the flood, while clean up efforts were underway, the community was asked what they would like to come to the area. The people asked for a trail and that is what they got. After the flood hit in the spring of 2012, FEMA workers organized a committee called 'Rebuild Athens Steering Committee.' This committee later became the non-profit organization 'Futurescapes.' Residents expressed their interest in nature walks and their vision to have a path that leads to the water where they can kayak. With this, organizations helped give the community what they wanted to rebuild after the devastating flood that ruined parts of the area.

The trail runs for over a mile and a half and is located on the upper north branch of the Susquehanna River at Riverfront Park. Although temperatures are dropping, it is still a beautiful time of year for the public to take advantage of the fall air and foliage. This trail can create a healthy lifestyle for people in the community.

I spoke with organizers today. Linda Politi with the Diahoga Trail team says “today is going to be thanking all of the organizations and thank all of the individuals who have helped us make this happen, the people who helped us with funding, the people who helped us with engineering and surveying and planning.”

Locals have been walking on the path for about a year now while it was under construction, but today was the first day to walk on the complete path.