HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Workers at the Do It Center say they haven't had a lot of people stock up on their winter supplies just yet. But with snow in the forecast, they're expecting that to change. 

"We would like everybody be ready for it so they're not last minute trying to grab it," said Do It Center sales associate, Max Bernhard. "Our hours did cut as of the winter,as of the first of the month we go to 6PM at night, Monday through Friday now. So hopefully people will be prepared with what they need to get through the night and into the weekend."

Between both Thursday and Friday, the forecast calls for between one to three inches of snowfall. So it might be helpful for residents to stock up before the snow flies. 

"Usually it's the shovels and rock salt and ice melt, whichever they decide on," said Bernhard. "Calcium chloride, we have that as well. Now this year we did get a couple snow throwers in stock. So we do have those this year for you if you need them."

The weather towards the end of the work week could also make for slippery driving conditions. Which means the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) will be on call to clear the roads. 

"This is something we prepare for year-round on our operations side of the house," said NYSDOT region 6 regional director, Brian Kelly. "It's a very smooth, regular process. We're on top of it. We're ready. We've got the equipment. We've got the operators. We've got the materials and we're ready to go."

State DOT officials say if you must take to the roads during a winter weather event, use caution.

"The number one point we make with everybody is just speed," said Kelly. "Make sure that you're driving appropriately with the conditions out there. Both for your personal safety as well as everybody else out on the highway."