ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Downtown Grind is hosting their first-ever "Women in the Kitchen" event on Thursday.

The event focuses on four women who will be cooking and preparing different types of meals inside Downtown Grind's kitchen. The event is being held on one Thursday night during each month until March. The first meal on the menu is Indian food, which will be cooked by Cocina de Nithya. The public is welcome to come in between 5 and 8 pm each Thursday, and try out this meal, as well as order off of Downtown Grind's regular menu.  

"My friend Tracy is Gemini Catering and Barbeque, and so she'll be doing barbeque sides, all kinds of cool things the second Thursday of the month. Cookie does Taste of Vegan, that's her business and so she makes vegan food. Then of course I am Global Taco, so i'll be the fourth Thursday of the month and my sidekick Katie from the Taco Truck will be running the kitchen here," says Sara Caldwell, the owner of Downtown Grind. 

The first event will feature a 3 course meal on Thursday for $25.00. 

Downtown Grind is located at 109 N Main St, Elmira, NY 14901. 

Sara Caldwell is also the owner of Global Taco and Cheesy Rider.