TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport has been under construction for just over a year now, but passengers are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Construction started back in October of 2018, and officials with the airport hoped that they would be able to finish up these renovations before the holiday season in 2019. So far, they are right on track and excited to see the finished results. 

"It's just been really exciting. It's been a year a lot of people have worked extremely hard over that year. Our costumers have been very understanding, you know it hasn't been a pleasant experience for the last year but I can tell you, that when we cut that ribbon this is going to be the nicest airport that you can find in the country," says Mike Hall, Airport Director at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport. 

Hall says they are aiming to have the majority of the construction done around Thanksgiving time, but there will still be a few minor projects to complete before December. 

"From now until the start of December, you can continue to expect the fact that they'll be some construction going on and there will be some detours required coming out of the parking lot into the terminal and what have you. It literally changes from day to day,"  Hall tells WENY News.

Hall also told WENY News that there is always something new happening from day to day with the ongoing construction.

"This week you could characterize the ceilings in place and a lot of taping, sanding and painting going on in here. Then next week, the hardware comes and we'll start hanging the pictures and doing all of that sort of stuff," says Hall.

For those who plan on traveling with the ITH, officials are asking for a little more patience as they are doing their best to finish up the renovations. 

"We're still not flowing not as freely and smoothly as we will be when the constructions done, so give us a few extra minutes and that's good advice also because were coming into the peak travel season, so there will be a lot of people flowing through the airport and the combination of the two means try not to cut it too tight.Give us a couple of extra minutes," Hall tells WENY News.

Hall told WENY News that there should be a lot done over the course of the next two weeks that passengers will be able to notice as they are traveling through. Once everything is said and done, officials hope to be able to schedule an official ribbon cutting date.