ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Chemung County Executive Chris Moss presented his first budget since taking office, and he says he’s taking a conservative approach to the county’s finances.

Moss presented the budget plan to numerous community leaders at the Elmira Holiday Inn on Friday morning. Overall, the budget comes in at a little over $200-million. It also includes the first county property tax increase in 14 years.

“It contains a 1% property tax rate increase,” said Chemung County Executive, Chris Moss. "Which equates to about seven cents. So we’ll be at $6.93 per 1,000.”

The budget also aims to pay off more debt than previous years.

“One thing I think we did a great job at is this year we’re going to pay off more than we’re going to borrow,” said Moss. “That’s something you always want to accomplish. When it comes to bonding for 2020, we’ll be borrowing less than we pay off.”

The budget will also have a 1% salary increase for single rate employees with no increases for elected officials; but Moss did point out there will be challenges the county will face heading into next year and beyond. Moss says those challenges include the Chemung County Nursing Facility, the sewer district, and an increase in employee health insurance.

“One of the things with the sewer district, we already have a plan that we’re working on with the legislature,” said Moss. “We’ve got to get that approved. We’ve got to find the financing. That’s a lot of work, grant work, federal, state level. As far as the nursing facility goes, we talked about maybe bringing somebody in that can show us some ideas of how we can stop having to spend the amount of money we’re spending to keep it afloat.”

The proposal will go in front of the county legislature next week for review. Moss says the goal is to have the budget approved by January 1st.