TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- Bus riders in Tompkins County have been facing problems lately when it comes to using TCAT shelters in adverse weather. The transit systems has been working on finding the person(s) responsible for vandalizing over 14 different bus shelters in Tompkins County. 

"We want to get this solved as soon as possible, so we can continue and help our customers get those shelters in place," says Scot Vanderpool, General Manager of TCAT. 

Vanderpool told WENY News that not only has there been over 14 vandalism's, but they are having to put a temporary stop on other shelter projects they had planned to begin working on. 

"We have five other shelters that have never been in place in locations that we want to get up there to help our customers but we don't want to put up a new shelter and have it get damaged," says Vanderpool.

Vanderpool also told WENY News that one location in particular has really seen the worst of the damages. The West Village bus stop location has been vandalized over six times, which is really starting to add up the repairs bill. 

"The cost of replacing a shelter itself, a smaller shelter is between 4 to five thousand dollars and the larger shelters can be up to 900-- 9 thousand dollars. The panels that have been broken, those panels are expensive as well so, it's something that's a real important concern for us," Vanderpool tells WENY News.

To try to catch the person(s) involved, TCAT has gone as far as involving local law enforcement to help them catch the criminal(s). 

"we've worked with both Ithaca Police and the sheriffs department and we are doing everything we can to try to figure out who the perpetrator is and what the pattern is. ," says Vanderpool. 

TCAT officials are asking anyone who may have any extra information or see anything suspicious to call the IPD as soon as possible before another shelter gets destroyed.