TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- A crisis can occur at time and because of this, Tompkins County emergency services were put through rigorous training this week to prepare for any situation. Since Monday, the teams were put through 40 hours of training and going over different forms of crises, so they will be ready for any situation they are presented with. Thursday, the staff had their training put to the test by going through different scenarios, which were kept secret from them to stay as authentic as possible. Law Enforcement say it's extremely crucial especially when reassuring the public of their training.

"Now it's important for the community to recognize that we're not only here to offer this service, to give them  a little bit of faith and comfort in knowing that we're going to respond to these situations appropriately, but also at the same time, to let others know we are taking a stance to say, we will respond to these effectively and we are going to make sure that need our assistance will be there for them," says Sergeant Kevin Slattery, Ithaca Police Department. 

The training class crews attended this week was only one of many classes these teams are required to take, because there is no better time to be prepared than the present. 

"The citizens of Tompkins County should rest assure that we are taking trainings like this so we can respond to individuals in crisis the best we possibly can. When someone is having their worst day, we want to make sure that we can show up and be effective at helping them resolve their issues," Sergeant Slattery tells WENY News. "It's unfortunately not a matter of if, often times it's a matter of when. We want to make sure that we're prepared. We want to make sure that when we respond, we have the tools, the resources, the training, the education and the experience to get through that situation safely," says Slattery. 

IPD officers told WENY News that there is not many crisis situations in Tompkins County, but they prefer to be prepared and not need it than to be caught off guard.