ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- Cayuga Health Systems recently started using robotic machines to assist them in different forms of surgeries. The health system brought this new technology to TST BOCES Wednesday morning, for kids to get a hands on look at what the future of medicine holds. 

"They're working with the da Vinci Robot. It's a device that surgeons use to perform all sorts of surgeries, general surgeries, urological surgeries, gynecologic surgery. It's an advantage for us that gives us incredible vision, 3-dimensional vision, and very precise instruments," says Dr. Gregory Ripich, General Surgeon at the Cayuga Medical Center.

WENY had the opportunity to catch up with the students who participated today to find out what it was like using the new technology, especially for those interested in going into the medical field. 

"Earlier this morning, the Cayuga Medical System gave students from TST BOCES a unique opportunity to to get some hands on experience," Averie Rovers, a student with Cayuga Medical, tells WENY News. "It kind of feels like an extension of yourself in a way. When you're looking through, it feels so natural like with the movements and that also is my favorite part, was using the machine," says Cian Howell, Student with Cayuga Medical. 

The students not only had the unique opportunity you try out this advanced technology but to also learn and see how these machines are changing the medical field. 

"They're getting the chance to see the robot in action. There's an actual robot that they can maneuver and they can see the vividness of the imaging and how it's very adept and getting to close spaces and that's the minimally invasive nature of the platform,"  says Dr. Marty Stallone, President and CEO of Cayuga Medical center and Cayuga Health System.

Students told WENY News that after they had the chance to try our the Da Vinci System, they were more excited than ever to get out and interest in the medical field.