Harrisburg, PA (WENY)— A Bill to to improve the credentialing process in Pennsylvania for health care practitioners is moving forward.

House Bill 533, introduced by Representative Clint Owlett (R- Bradford, Tioga, Potter), unanimously passed the Pennsylvania House today. This Bill would provide a stable and predictable system for how a physician is credentialed prior to working at a local hospital. Right now, insurance companies can take as long as they want to issue a credential for a physician. These credentials allow a physician to bill insurance companies and practice medicine in that hospital. But under House Bill 533, insurance companies now have 60 days to issue a doctor’s credential. If an insurance company doesn’t provide one within 60 days, they must provide a written explanation why. Representative Owlett says this is a big win for rural Pennsylvania.

We’ll be able to attract high quality physicians to our rural hospitals. Right now, they’re not competing on the same level as inner city hospitals or suburban hospitals. So this gives them the opportunity to plan ahead and know how long it’s going to take to attract a quality physician to a rural hospital,” Rep. Owlett explains. 

House Bill 533 now moves to the Senate for consideration. This Bill passed the House under a different number in previous sessions, but it died once it reached the Senate. Representative Owlett is confident the Senate will take up and pass the Bill this time around.