TIOGA, PA (WENY) - After the Lawrenceville Fire Department burnt completely to the ground over the summer, the department wants to rebuild and get back to work.

A community forum was held Thursday night to discuss the department's future. It was back on July 27th when station 8 caught on fire, destroying the entire building. Now the fire department and their board of directors are starting a plan to come back from the ashes. During the meeting they discussed the options for the rebuilding of the Lawrenceville Fire station.

"Most of the options revolve around square footage requirements for things such as community space, after-school activities for the kids, little league things of that nature, and how much of that community base program they're going to be able to rebuild on that site. Based upon the values of the claims they receive from the insurance company and the overall budget for the projects," says Sean Foran, Executive Project Manager for Hueber-Breuer Construction.

As WENY News reported, no one was injured during the fire. However, officials say they lost three trucks and suffered extensive building damage. Now, four months later, Hueber-Breuer Construction Company in Syracuse is doing their best to figure out how the Lawrenceville Fire Department can move forward.

"We'll meet again in mid-December and the goal for that community forum, we'll be able to bring them an update of the insurance claim. But also we'll have some cost and some square footage associated with most of those options and be able to give the community a sense of what the value of the new project could potentially be," says Foran. 

If the fire department is able to settle their claim in January or February, they will then go through a design process in the Spring or early Summer. Construction could then begin in late summer. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The next public meeting will be held on December 17th.