ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)-- If you love Elmira's Wisner Market in the Summer, then you are in for a treat. Wisner in Winter is making a come back this year on Water Street!

"Our Wisner Market is such a huge success that what we wanted to do is capitalize on that and give our vendors our crafters, our artisans  an opportunity, an outlet to be able to sell their wares during the holiday season," Jennifer Herrick, Executive Director of Elmira Downtown Development, tells WENY News. 

You will not have to wait long for this market to start up because the vendors will be set up and ready to go next Friday after the annual holiday parade.  

"It's going to open officially the day of the parade which is November 29th, the traditional holiday parade in downtown Elmira, and it will run through December 23rd.  And they're really trying to keep constant hours of like nine to seven," says Herrick. 

While you are shopping on Water Street, you may also notice that some of the empty stores have decorations in their storefronts now. This is thanks to Elmira downtown partnering with a local school to bring some holiday cheer to the windows.

"At New Visions Academy, the students are decorating windows as stores that they would like to see in the district, but also with a holiday twist, So they're very festive. So they've taken our empty store fronts, which are available for potential businesses and they're creating just a wonderful holiday sense," Herrick tells WENY News. 

Two store fronts will house about six to seven vendors each this year. For more information on this winter market, you can click here for extra details and information.