(WENY) – An e-coli outbreak has spread to 16 states, New York being one of them. Now, the CDC is asking people to check their romaine lettuce.

More than 40 cases of e-coli have been tied to lettuce grown in the Salinas region of California. Stores are removing the affected lettuce from their store shelves. However, a lot of it has already been sold.

Health officials are asking consumers to see if the word “Salinas” is on their package of lettuce. If so, you are urged to throw it away.

So far, reports find 28 people have been hospitalized and 5 of them have kidney failure.

E-coli infections can take up to ten days to develop. Some infections are mild, but others can be severe or even life-threatening. If you have symptoms that last more than three days, you are urged to contact your healthcare provider.