CORNING, NY (WENY) -- For many, holiday shopping may Have already begun, but this weekend officially kicks things off, and the past several years has shown a growing movement in shopping at small businesses for the holidays.

We visited local businesses this afternoon to tell you why you should shop local this year. The businesses owners I spoke with range from jewelery making, stain glass creations, clothing, and even music and each one unique in its own way.

Ben Borkowski, who owns March Music on Market Street, talks about the impact of supporting local businesses.

"It's important because besides myself, I have 7 employees so that's 8 families in our area that are employed by Marich Music. Instead of me buy a piece of tech gear or something online that goes to make a filthy rich person even richer. When you make a purchase here, it really does make a difference for families who live in the area, pay taxes in the area and spend their money locally as well," said Borkowski.

Small business owners on Market Street are preparing for the big weekend.

'We really just want to  get our store as full as possible so we can show them as many different options as possible, and we want the holiday stuff out, lots of furs, lots of reds, get the festive cheer going for everything," said Sarah Files, Owner of Pip's Boutique.

But why should you shop local? I spoke with Gordon Gustin, owner of Gustin's Gallery to let you know.

"Everything in the shop we really try to support the local artisans, crafts people and it sorta really hits home when they shop local, made local really goes a long ways," said Gustin.

One of the many unique stores I visited specializes in stained glass!

Joe Barlett , owner of Stained glass Works said, "The main thing is that we have about  4,000 square feet of colored glass in the back for the crafts-person and we teach stained glass here at the studio 5 days a week and then I also teach over at CMOG. About six classes I teach for them on weekends." 

For one local business, this is a big weekend for her as her store has their grand opening this Saturday and we spoke with her about what her shop is.

"Pip-Squeak is a children's clothing boutique it's the sister store off of Pip's Boutique. So, it's really about  making sure that we offer product that you can't find everywhere going off of Pip's motto of "Feeling good with what your wearing." We want our kids to have options where they're definitely expressing their personality through their clothing just to give them something different," said Ashley Coffer, owner of Pip-Squeak.

Everyone enthusiastic about this year's Small Business Saturday and are ready to open their doors the morning of.