ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)-- The Elmira Police Department is asking the community for help as they are trying to learn more about historical badges they were given.The badges were turned into the EPD by a local citizen who has requested to stay anonymous, but he was able to tell the department that these badges were found at a local garage sale in Chemung County.

"The individual the donated the items is actually friends of law enforcement, he did not wish to be named, but he did say that he had found them at a yard sale in the local area, Elmira area," Captain Anthony Alvernz tells WENY News.

The individual who turned the badges in did not have any historical information on them, so the EPD is working on finding out more by reaching out to the local community for help. 

"We know that they were in use at least in before 1964 but I'm thinking more in the 40s, is the dating of it. But again, nothing definitive. We haven't found any body yet that has actually seen these before, let alone own one themselves," says Alvernaz. 

  Alvernaz is very interested in learning more about these pieces of EPD history , being that he is one of the EPD's historians.

"For something that's going back past the 60s, to me it's very intriguing and it just makes me kind of have a thirst to learn more about it," Alvernaz tells WENY News.

Alvernazy and the EPD told WENY News that they are excited to show off these badges to the public, but they hope they will be able to learn more about them over time. 

If you would or anyone you may know have any information about these badges, the Elmira Police Department asks that you reach out to their office.