ALBANY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Legislative leaders may again be looking at ways to adjust STAR benefits, as New York is facing its greatest budget gap since the recession.

But according to the Star Gazette, some state lawmakers have had enough of the series of changes that have come in recent years to the $3 billion a year program, which gives homeowners a break on their school taxes.

Critics say the annual tinkering with the program is creating confusion for homeowners, and creating a headache for local tax assessors.

Enhanced STAR, which offers a higher rebate to senior citizens, also underwent changes this year.

It's unclear whether either program will face additional changes.

Another uncertainty is whether the state will continue a separate, $1.3 billion rebate check program, called the property tax relief credit. The program expires this year, so it would be up to Cuomo and the legislature to decide whether to extend it.