ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The 63rd annual Elmira Holiday Parade kicked off this morning as people lined the streets to see their favorite floats. The parade happens every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year there was an array of different floats like the Flintstones, firetrucks, and minions. According to one Elmira resident, she's been coming to the parade ever since she was little. 

"Since about 1992 and it gets better every year," said Kirkendall. "I feel like they bring out a lot of new things for everyone to see and the kids really enjoy it."

Other entries included 101 Dalmatians, dancers, and superheroes. For many people, bringing their families to the holiday parade is something they do every year. 

"It's definitely a family tradition," said Kirkendall. "We come every year no matter how cold it is. It's just great to bring them and experience kind of what I experienced as a kid."

Even though the weather was chilly, it didn't stop people from bundling up and watching the parade. 

"It's mainly for the kids," said Kirkendall. "Like my kids are all bundled up. I'm freezing, I should have bundled up a little more. But it's really all about the kids and seeing their faces when they see their favorite characters coming."