(WENY)-- This time of year, food banks are reaching out to communities more than ever for help, including local schools. This year, Corning-Painted Post high school reached out to Horseheads high school to see if they would like to partake in a friendly fundraising competition. Horseheads accepted the challenge and both schools have been collecting non-perishable goods for the community since December 2nd. 

"So I think it's really really important for us to help those people in our community because we are one. We need to help each other for this society to work and I think it's really important to promote that every where," Amy Kim, Senior at Horseheads High School, tells WENY News. 

Each school has gone about their fundraisers in a similar manner, trying to engage the students into bringing in goods. 

"The schools been good about it, everyone's been bringing in cans. We've been really trying to get on people to bring in stuff. We even had games where people brought in cans for admission," says Riley Davis, Senior Class President at Corning- Painted Post high school.

"It's so important to know that we're part of a community and we kind of help each other out and you know you might not know it but the person next to you could have issues with food in their own home, so you never know. It is really important to give back to the community," Sarah Green, Senior at Horseheads High school tells WENY News.

Student leaders from C-PP are enjoying the competition and community engagement  so much, they are hoping to expand it in later years.

"You want it to just continue growing, we want our food drive to possibly be with more schools in the future and help as many communities as we can. (1:34) So it's important to help ours but it's also important to help as many people as possible," says Jenna Nickerson, Student Council Co-President at Corning - Panted Post high school. 

Once everything is tallied up in January,  the losing school's mascot will have to hand over a trophy to the winning school at an athletic match up to be determined.