BATH, N.Y.(WENY)-- Now that all of the gifts have been unwrapped, it is important to know what should go into your recycling bin and what has to go into the trash. The first thing to usually head out the door is the aftermath of wrapping paper. Even though it is a form of paper, wrapping paper can not go into the blue recycling bins, it is in fact garbage. 

"Wrapping paper doesn't fit into the normal paper recycling program. It's got a lot of different coatings and designs and things that don't fit in with that normal waste stream," says Rich Bills, Environment Project Coordinator for Steuben County.

The next thing to head out the door is usually string lights which have died off and or lost a bulb. Even though there is electronic recycling programs, those lights do not fit in amongst the rest and have to be put into the trash. 

"Your strings of Christmas lights that you're not really interested in fixing the bulbs on, they're just regular trash in our program. You can't do too much with them in the electronics recycling program and there's nothing else that they fit into as far as recycling around here," Bills tells WENY News. 

 Last but not least to leave the house is the big green Christmas trees and door wreaths. If the tree and or wreath is real, you may need to check with your local haulers before putting it to the curb. 

"The artificial tree is considered garbage that can go in the landfill. But a real live tree, we're not allowed to put in the landfill. We don't want to fill that up with brush, limbs, grass. That's more appropriate to a compost pile which many of the towns and villages have," says Vince Spagnoletti, Commissioner of Public Works for Steuben County.

You can click here to learn more about what can and cannot be recycled along with how to sort your recyclables. For all other questions, you can reach out to your local haulers and or landfills for more information.