HORSEHEADS, N.Y.(WENY)-- Dave Clark was born in Corning New York in 1958 and was diagnosed with polio as a baby. This caused him a lot of problems later in life. But, he was able to overcome the odds and go on to do amazing things. He later met Doug Cornfield, who wanted his advice on raising a child with special needs because his own son was born without arms. Doug went on to learn more about Dave and his life which inspired him to write a children's book after a moving moment in his life. 

"This one teaches kindness, it teaches inclusion, which obviously in today's world, whether you are left, right, what ever your situation is, one thing we can do be is we can start being more kind," says Doug Cornfield, Author of "A Pound of Kindness." 

The book is based on Dave and one of his classmates, who went out of his way to help Dave without being asked to. This might sound simple but it was extremely impactful on Dave's outlook on not only his classmate, but people in general.

"It was just a little kind act that he did and I don't think that any of us recognize what just something small to us can mean to somebody else," says Cornfield. 

Dave and Doug told WENY News that their goal is to help at least one person learn about how powerful kindness can really be and the importance of not being a bully. 

"If we can affect just one child who is struggling with being the bully, to realize the impact kindness can have, you know it's a major thing for us," says Dave Clark, Professional Athlete and book inspiration. 

Dave and Doug tour the nation not only promoting the message of this book, but also using it to fundraiser for their camp D3Day, which invites kids with disabilities to go to a sports camp with professional athletes. If you would like to learn more about Dave's story and or would like a copy of the book for yourself, you can click here.