TOMPKINS, N.Y.(WENY)-- Tompkins County officially swore in their newest judge, Scott Miller, on Tuesday afternoon. Miller has been involved in the Tompkins County court system since the late 90s when he was just an attorney. Since then, he has risen through the ranks and done hard work to get to the new judge position. The court room was full of excited emotions Tuesday afternoon as the time for Miller to be sworn in drew closer. WENY News spoke with Miller after he had taken his official oath and he recalled feeling these same emotions when he first stepped into the same court room in 1996. 

"I was a young attorney in 1996 trying my first case here in July of 1996, and I was excited and I would say the emotion is exactly the same.," says Miller. 

As the new year begins, Miller told WENY News that he has some big plans he wants to start on in 2020.

"My court attorney and I want to see if we can come up with any innovative, creative ways to help families resolve their custody battles as fast as possible, to give kids back their summers. A seven year old only gets ones summer. We want to see if we can come up with innovative, creative ways to help families get closure on all full custody cases so they can move forward and be families again," Miller tells WENY News.

Before going to celebrate with his friends and family, WENY News asked Miller what he would say to anyone considering perusing a future in law. 

"Read books about the law, read to kill a mocking bird, read anatomy of a murder, watch the film anatomy of a murder. Go to the courthouses, our courthouses don't belong to the judges or the attorneys, these are public courthouses. I encourage people to come to our courthouses, watch trials, watch criminal trials, watch family court trials," Miller tells WENY News. 

Miller told WENY News that he is excited to see what 2020 holds and is ready to get started in his new position.