Cooler air will arrive to the Twin Tiers this weekend and bring increased chances for some snow. We are yet again tracking another chance for accumulating snow across the Twin Tiers as we go into next week. Now, before everyone says this is "boy who cried wolf" there are key differences with next weeks storm when comparing it to this weekends storm. One, there will be more cold air for next weeks storm to work with. Leading up to our current storm we have seen temperatures in the 40s and low 50s, but with next weeks potential we will be seeing the necessary cold air being in place by Sunday. Secondly, the pattern looks a bit better although there is no high latitude atmospheric blocking.

There are also things that we are precautions when talking about next weeks storm chance. One of those precautions will again be timing of the northern stream energy and the southern stream energy. Just like this weekends storm, a slower progression of the northern energy will lead to a broken and scattered storm with no significant snow accumulation. Also, if the southern stream races too far ahead of the northern stream then the two pieces of energy never meet and the system slides to the south and we see sun and clouds.

Models will continue to teeter-totter with the track of this system until around Sunday night, which is when we can get an idea about what is going to happen and how much. Until then, this is about being aware and not "locking it in." With each and every model run, the outcome will change, and all to look at right now is the broader picture and overall pattern which looks a bit better than our current storm. Make sure you follow along with you and we will update you throughout the next couple of days on next weeks storm.