HORSEHEADS, N.Y.(WENY)-- For the first time in about 30 years, vinyl record sales are defeating CD sales as reported by Rolling Stone Magazine. Record and CD stores all over the nation are reporting this sales increase, including one store in Horsheads New York. WENY News met with the owner of Megga Books & Records to find out why they think vinyl records are making a comeback. 

"I think the younger generation really appreciate the better sound quality, the ritual involved in listening to vinyl. You have to get out the record, you have to chose it, you have to clean it, you put it on the turn table, which is so much more tactile then point and click," says Maryann Mecca, Owner of Megga Books and Records. 

Maryann told WENY News that she believes the younger generation is really interested in bringing back past trends right now, that they are becoming more aware of the better quality of sound records can produce. 

"I think think vinyl has a warmer, richer, thicker sound. It has more character in my opinion and a lot of other people's opinion too," says Mecca. 

Even though the sales are down, Megga Books & Records are still selling CD's and have a vast selection. Maryann did say that they still push to sell their CD's, but the vinyl records are the hot ticket amongst the younger and older generations. 

"Ya I think CD's have gone down in popularity, I mean they still are popular, people do still buy them and cassettes are on the rise, although not nearly as popular as the vinyl," Maryann tells WENY News.

Maryann did want to mention that she wanted to remind those who are new to buying and taking care of records that it is very important to clean them and take care of them. She says that the music sounds better the cleaner the record is.

Maryann and her husband run the store and sell records from between $1, $4, and up from there, and if you have any record questions or interests, they are open seven days a week.