BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- 145 individuals have been inducted into the Steuben Hall of Fame since 1976, and that number is going to grow with the help of the community.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are now being accepted until March 31.

Last year's inductees include youth advocate and Family Life Network founder Richard Snavely, U.S. Army veterans Richard Call and Carroll Haines, and American Red Cross volunteer Patricia Sager Haines.

All nominees will be reviewed in early May by a special committee, which will proposed nominees for 2020.

Nominees may be any man, woman, or child, living or deceased, who has enhanced the name of Steuben County. They should have resided in Steuben, but may have been born elsewhere. Past nominees not inducted into the county Hall of Fame may be re-nominated.

For applications and the full list of Hall of Fame honorees, click here or call 607-664-2199.