ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local manufacturer, Anchor Glass, revealed an over $50 million expansion to their production facility on Wednesday with a visit from Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. Anchor Glass joined over 35 other Upstate New York businesses funded by the New York State Power Authority in unveiling a new facility expansion.

"We're here today to celebrate the completed $50 million rebuild to this facility which included state of the art emissions equipment, new larger furnace, new bottle making machines, along with all new inspection and packaging equipment," said Anchor Glass General Manager, Jason Achterberg.

This was all made possible due to the ReCharge New York Initiative. This initiative supports Southern Tier businesses in working towards greater energy efficiency, while creating jobs and focusing on capital investments.

"We can help you save money because of our ReCharge New York program that has been in place since 2012," said Hochul. We've done this for over 36 businesses in the Southern Tier, creating and retaining 25,000 jobs through this program. So you may not think about this as a catalyst for expansions but it truly, truly is."

This expansion also allows Upstate New York to continue upholding its historic place in the glass manufacturing industry.

"It's part of our regional legacy as well," said Hochul. "You think about Corning Glass and other manufacturers that led the nation, led the world. It's just part of our DNA to be manufacturing glass at places like Anchor."

Following this grant, Anchor has added 600,000 bottles to their daily production of nearly four million containers.