SAYRE, PA -- Earlier this evening, at Riverfront Park in Sayre a candlelight vigil in support of Black Lives Matter was held to stand up against racism. The event was organized by teachers from the Athens School District who say they want their students to know that they hear them and they will always stand up for them. The Elmira/Corning N.A.A.C.P. was also invited and was represented by Doctor Jimmie Williams and Jackie Council.

Doctor Williams touched on the message he wanted to tell the community, and that was, to have a dialogue.

"My message would be have a dialogue. Start a dialogue, like we are doing today. Have a dialogue with the children, your police, your elected officials, your neighbors. Start talking and it's all the way. To get to know each other as a member of the human race. Not brown people, not white people, we are all apart of a rainbow the makes up this United States of America," said Dr. Jimmie Williams.

One of the organizers of tonight's event, Jessica Attard-Maryott also says the community needs to come together to avoid issues in the future.

"What we need to do is, team up and come up with a plan so we are prepared and we avoid any sort of issues down the road. So, what do we hope to happen from here? That every person out here walking out of here tonight doesn't just leave here, but they leave here making a commitment to do something better than they did yesterday," said Jessica.

Also, we caught up with an attendee to tonight's even who says this vigil hopefully has an impact on the children.

Tressa Heffron said, "I think it is important for them to see that in our little town we have people that feel very passionately about what is going on around the world. We need to show them, in order to make things different, we need to make sure that they understand what is going on and that their voice is heard. Tonight, is really about showing the children, how to do something like this, how to  put together something that's just showing support and showing the community that we may be small but we are here and we believe that everyone has the right to equal treatment and unity."

Doctor Jimmie Williams also says, if you would like to have your voice heard, you should begin talking with people who will listen because that gets the train moving.