ITHACA,N.Y.(WENY)-- Following last Friday's Trump Rally and in anticipation of the up and coming Back the Blue Rally, Ithaca’s protesters spent this last Sunday doing riot training. 

Speakers were talking to the group about the repercussions that could come from being involved in the protesters and told attendees that they should be aware they could end up with a criminal record from attending. 

The training that took place at the protest consisted of barricade training, linking arms, and dealing with tear gas. 

Ithaca resident and protester, Ray said that the protest this week was meant to bring attendees together and she hopes that the training that was implemented will help to keep them safe in weeks to come. 

“ This protest was to make sure people can protect themselves and stay completely aware that they have people around them that will help protect them,:” said, Ray. “ It was community building and really it just breaks down to the fact that we are just trying to teach people how to  protect themselves in the worst-case scenarios .” 

Ray said the protesters will also be holding a virtual concert series ‘For The Revolution’ on October 30th at eight PM to raise funds for the protesters to obtain protective gear and bail money in case they get arrested. 

“ All the funds raised during this concert will go directly to the bail fund so if someone gets arrested or taken in a very brutal way we will have something in place so we can actually help them out in that situation,” said Ray.