ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- It's been drawing quite the attention for the past two days.  A black bear has been spotted strolling the streets in the City of Elmira, walking over the Walnut Street bridge, and then cooling off in the Chemung River.

This is not the first time the bear has been spotted. It's been seen several times, just roaming through residential neighborhoods. Many residents have been posting pictures and videos of this furry visitor in action. The posts have gained thousands of views and hundreds of likes.

The State DEC recommends the public should be cautious and not approach the animal.

The bear ran towards the car of one resident and into the backyard of the other chasing her and damaging her fence.

"He was coming fast, he was fast and I was pretty scared  I had my son roll up our windows pretty quick. We were a little nervous," Toni Dunn said.

She was in her car with her son when they saw the black bear running towards the vehicle. She dropped her phone and locked the doors quickly.

Toni was coming from her friend's house around the corner, she turned onto Hudson street and her son couldn't believe his eyes. She says the bear was too close for comfort.

"He came running through the yard that's right behind you, he stood up on the guard rail," Dunn said.

For the past couple of days, this bear has been roaming through the city from Hudson street to Harmon street into the backyard of a local resident and left a long trail before hopping over more fences into neighboring yards. 

"Cars, cops, animal control were here and they were beeping and blowing at him. He was kind of cornered so he came directly this way towards me," Jolene Dwyer said.

Dwyer started running for her life and the bear began to chase her. 

"I saw how big he was I thought well obviously he's nothing to mess with so I better take off," Dwyer said.

It ran into her yard ripping off the fence and damaging it.  Jeremy Hurst with DEC says bears are amazing animals, however, it is best to stay far away from them.

This time of year bears go into a feeding frenzy looking to rack up about 20,000 calories a day.

"All of September, October, November, and most of December they are going to be eating whatever they can find," Hurst said.

He says there are some key things we can do to coexist with bears without living in conflict.

"It all amounts to how clean we keep our spaces. Taking down bird feeders in the summer, putting away the trash, not feeding dogs outside," Hurst said.

He also offered up this advice if you encounter a bear and says it's the safer and better approach.

"Make yourself big put your arms up in the air and yell, join together with a couple of other people to do that together and you are going to threaten the bear. It will feel it's in a submissive risky position and leave," Hurst said.