WAVERLY, NY (WENY) -- Several law enforcement agencies in Tioga County, New York raided a sticker shop Friday morning.

Officers with the Tioga County Sheriff's Office, Waverly Police Department and New York State Police are among the agencies involved in the raid at BMillzz sticker shops in Owego, Nichols and Waverly, among other locations just after 10AM. 

Co-owner Bartholomew Miller Jr. says that officers kicked in the door at the Waverly store, armed with guns that were pointed at employees. He was alarmed when police came in and raided the store of cannabis-related products. 

"I wasn't even in my store for five minutes before it got raided," Miller Jr. said. "They put all my employees in handcuffs, they put me in handcuffs and treated us like straight criminals."

A fourth BMillzz store in Elmira also received a citation. Co-owner Bartholomew Miller Sr. was confused as to why his stores were raided this morning.

"They say it's a bad thing what we're doing, but I don't see no bad in 70 employees and families," Miller Sr. said. "What are we doing wrong?"

Stores such as BMillz sell stickers, with marijuana provided as a gift with purchase. These types of stores say it's legal, as New York State marijuana law allows for the transfer of cannabis among those 21 years and older.

Earlier this week, the New York State Office of Cannabis Management sent cease and desist letters to these types of stores, saying the "illicit sales" must stop immediately or risk losing their ability to get a legal dispensary license. 

Co-owner Bill Fenton got news of what happened this morning post raid. He felt an agreement could've been reached prior to the raid due to building BMillzz on compliance with State Law.

"This was totally uncalled for," Fenton said. "We were actually going to come and close all of our doors today and try to find out the legal way, and this is what we woke up to."

BMillzz has not target date set at this time for reopen.