WASHINGTON, D.C. - The federal President’s Day holiday is actually named Washington’s Birthday, celebrating our first President’s birthday, General George Washington. We traveled to his historic home in Mount Vernon, Virginia to see how they celebrated the holiday.  

“It’s a wonderful day to celebrate the history of our country and the legacy at Mount Vernon,” said Matt Briney, the VP and spokesperson of Mount Vernon.  

Washington’s Birthday, better known as President’s Day, makes Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, a busy tourist spot.  

Officials said because of COVID they’ve had to limit how many people can visit the site at a time but they do expect around five-thousand people to show up here for the holiday,  

During their visit, there’s plenty of entertainment. Showcasing music, historical military routines and getting too close to bayonets. Visitors get to step back in time.  

“I feel like they did a great job putting it altogether you know,” said Gavin and Bradley who are visiting Mount Vernon with their family. “We’re gonna go to the museum. Yeah, we’re gonna take a tour in his house and see what we can see.” 

“So this is an opportunity for you to come out and get to know their lives and what they went through in the formation of our country,” said Briney.  

And even run into some actor’s portraying people involved in Washington’s life, like his private secretary as well as George Washington, too.  

Officials said this holiday should also celebrate the creation of America and the ideas that it was founded on. 

Mount Vernon is also hosting a virtual birthday party for Washington’s 290th birthday on Tuesday, February 22.