Sayre, PA (WENY)-- The Guthrie Clinic, along with two local Ukrainian churches joined forces on Tuesday to donate medical supplies to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Dr. Violeta Zeykan is one of Guthrie's doctor and is a Ukraine native. She says that the war happening in Ukraine is difficult to watch.

"What is happening today in Ukraine is really painful to watch. It so much devastation you're waking up in the morning with the hope that your family is safe in Ukraine." She says.

Dr. Zeykan says that with this donation from Guthrie, she feels as if she is contributing to her home country's fight.

"Being seen that medical supplies is being so generously donated, and will be transferred to Ukraine, it makes me feel as if I contributed to their victory and I contribute to prevent and decrease their suffering that is happening as of now."

In addition to Dr. Zeykan, Father Teodor Czabala was present as well. He says the 40 pallets of supplies contain a good amount of surgical gear that Ukrainian doctors need to help the citizens who are caught up in the crossfire and shelling of their homes.

"To help the doctors heal those poor people that have had their houses bombed out by long range artillery, by drones, the people who are still living in their homes, the children, the elderly, the unwitting victims that have nothing to do with fighting themselves."

Dr. Zeykan added that "all people of the Ukraine, they are in our hearts and our prayers. And that is so powerful."

Father Czabala has set up a special section on his church's website that has links for how you can donate. That can be found here.