Washington, D.C. - As the war in Ukraine continues, we are sharing never before seen footage of our crew’s coverage while they were in Poland for nearly two weeks. Right in the middle of a popular tourist spot in Old Town Warsaw, our crews saw people who were trying to help refugees in their own way.   

We spotted a group of girls who are from Ukraine and were wearing Ukraine’s blue and yellow flags over their shoulders. They were collecting spare change for a local NGO helping the refugees in Poland. They told us they are now students in Poland and during their free time, they volunteer for the NGO. They hope this will help their fellow Ukrainian people.   

 “I definitely feels a lot of support from Polish people that they try to help as much as they can,” said one of the Ukrainian volunteers. “But for the Ukrainians that live here when they see me and I can see their emotions on their faces and they try to hug me and thank me for everything they do so it's great to be part of that cause.” 

Many of you have been reaching out to us and asking how you can help the refugees. At Erie News Now, we are helping Global Empowerment Mission raise funds to send hygiene kits, medical supplies, food and other aid to help Ukrainian refugees.