Washington, D.C. - As the war in Ukraine continues, we are sharing never before seen footage of our crew’s coverage while they were in Poland for nearly two weeks. When our crews were at the Ukraine border, they saw so many people from across the world volunteering. They also met some locals from nearby Corning, New York, volunteering at the border. Some of these tasks varied from handing out food or supplies, but other tasks were considered dangerous. 

“Hospital equipment, band aid, technical equipment, sometimes food sometimes baby dresses whatever they need to deliver,” said a German doctor ready to drive a van full of supplies into Ukraine. “On the way back its empty but we have mattresses and we bring back foreigners, not foreigners, refugees.” 

 He said most of the car was packed with medical supplies and equipment. He’s been making the drive into major cities like L'viv and Kiev for a couple of weeks. He said it’s a dangerous drive because he says the Russians will target hospitals. But the doctor told us someone has to do it. 

 “In the beginning we were working three days in the hospital we had to go down in the shelter it was like 37 missiles which is like 15 kilometers far from us,” said the doctor. “II just want to make sure the people are safe.” 

Many of you have been reaching out to us and asking how you can help the refugees. At WENY News, we are helping Global Empowerment Mission raise funds to send hygiene kits, medical supplies, food and other aid to help Ukrainian refugees.