(WENY) - Republican candidate for Governor Rob Astorino made a campaign swing through the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes.

Astorino just launched a new seven-point plan he says will help bring jobs to upstate New York. He tells WENY News something needs to be done to provide tax relief to New Yorkers, retain talent, and grow the state's economy.

Astorino said he would lift the state's ban on natural gas drilling, and also provide incentives to attract tech companies and startups.

He says it comes down to giving New Yorker's a reason to stay in the state.

"Issues like taxes, people just can't afford to live here. And its's really everywhere in New York, but may be more so felt here. And then just the lack of opportunity, people feel like 'I'm going to to go another state, there's a better opportunity, an job waiting for me, somewhere.' And that's pretty sad to me, because we're blessed with so much natural beauty, natural resources, natural gas, and we're not allowed to take advantage of that and we need it, the country needs it. And we've got a skilled workforce, an educated workforce, and they're leaving New York for other places. That is I think the biggest mistake that I think this state makes in keeping them here," says Astorino.

He said he also has plans to grow the state's skilled workforce and strengthen the state's agricultural industry by reducing the burden on family farms.

The state's gubernatorial primary is set for June 28th.