LAWRENCEVILLE, PA. (WENY) -- A scheduled Borough Council meeting May 27 to hire a secretary erupted into screams, jeers, insults and applause. While the official meeting only lasted nine minutes, WENY obtained from one of the people at the meeting an over 24-minute video recording.

The only agenda item for this Friday night meeting was to approve the hiring of a secretary. Shortly after the pledge of allegiance, a community member named Lucy interjected into the precedings, calling on the current Council President Gordy Chilson to resign:

LUCY: I have a comment.

GORDY: Is it on the agenda?

LUCY: No. I'm gonna say it. Shut up. Help yourself. I have been hearing for a long time, including from you how much you love this town. You want the best for it? Well, I'm telling you. The best thing for this town is for you to resign.


GORDY: That's your opinion.

LUCY: No it's not my opinion. Did you hear the applause?

GORDY: Well, that's their opinion.

LUCY: Okay. And that's the problem Gordy. You don't care about anybody else's opinion about anything. That's the problem. And that's why you need to resign.

During the vote to approve the hiring of the new secretary, one of the council members, Cindy, yelled at Chilson, complaining that she has been left out of all the discussions:

CINDY: Where's her resume? How come I haven't seen this? Everybody had a meeting on Monday night and left me out.

GORDY: No we didn't.

CINDY: Oh yes there was, y'all were in the borough office after you denied having a meeting.

GORDY: I was not in the borough office.

CINDY: [....] asked Robert if there was a meeting Monday night and he said no. He was going to Gordy's to look at a leak

GORDY: We went to the ball field to fix the leak.

CINDY: And then you were in the borough office, meeting.

GORDY: And what were in the borough office for?

CINDY: I don't know you tell me because I didn't get invited.

GORDY: Well there was a leak in the park.

CINDY: Where is her resume?

COUNCIL MEMBER: We were looking for bills...

CINDY: Where's her resume?

GORDY: the borough office....

CINDY: No, I want to see the resume now. No. Stop. We're not hiring anybody without knowing their background. They could be the street sweeper as far as I know.

WENY has reached out to Chilson but have not heard back. This story will be updated.

Lawrenceville Borough is holding its next council meeting on Monday.