CORNING, N.Y. (WENY)--Corning will have a new police chief. The Corning City Council approved the upcoming appointment at this evening's meeting.

First Lieutenant Kenzie Spaulding has served with the Corning Police Department since 1998.

She started as a part-time police dispatcher then rose through the ranks as a police officer and then promoted to Sergeant. She will now add Police Chief to her resume.

First Lt. Spaulding's husband, Jeff Spaulding is the current police chief and will be retiring in October. She says she has big shoes to fill and tells me some of the public safety items on her agenda to help protect residents in Corning.

"All the chiefs I've worked for have been excellent and so I think that it's' building on a lot of the things they've been doing and continuing a lot of those good programs that are in the community," First Lt. Spaulding said.

Two City Council Members voted against her being appointed as Police Chief but Mayor Boland says there's no doubt she is the right person for the job.

"They are entitled to their vote I don't agree with them at all. She is the right person were very lucky to have that individual that wants to be our police chief. Not to mention the fact that she will be the first woman appointed to police chief in the history of the city of corning. and I think that's a milestone," Boland said.

First Litenauant Spaulding is a hometown girl. She was born and raised in Corning. She is excited to take on her new role on October 17th