SAYRE, P.A. (WENY) -- A tradition that brings awareness to suicide returned to the Northern Tier Saturday morning. Many people came out to walk at Riverfront Park for the 7th Annual Valley Walk Against Suicide. 

Dozens came out to walk a mile or two before taking-part in raffles and other activities that bring awareness to suicide prevention. All the proceeds from Saturday's walk will benefit Tioga, Bradford, and Chemung Counties.  

“It's overwhelming to see the support that’s out there, and I hope everybody made new friends this year,” Amy Dupre, Co-organizer of the Valley Walk Against Suicide, said. “The whole point of this is to get together, support one another, and be there for each other, especially during all of these difficult times.”  

Amy and her dad, Grant, started the tradition 7 years ago, and it's grown exponentially in size since then. Grant started organizing the walk to let people know there are resources out there that can help.  

“I go around to car shows, I stop at flea markets, to let people know there's help out there,” Grant said. “Just let people know they are not alone.”  

Wendy Arnold is the Co-chair of the suicide prevention coalition for Tioga county's Mental Hygiene department. She walked in the park this morning -- and felt today's event was the perfect time to share mental health resources that can save a life.  

“We want to help people understand that we all have our challenges and there is help out there,” Arnold said. “Catching people at that right time when they need it the most in their life is critical in being able to make a difference.”  

People can come out next year for the 8th annual valley walk against suicide on September 9th. People can learn more about the mental health resources available through Tioga County's Mental Hygiene Department online.