CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Harvest Fest 2022 officially arrived in Corning this weekend. Dozens of vendors came out to Market Street to leave their mark on the community.  

Dozens of vendors lined up in Downtown Corning's Gaffer District with a variety of fall-themed goods. People could enjoy farm-to-table foods, baked goods, wines, carnival snacks, and a huge selection of hand-crafted products. The event brings the community together to celebrate the beginning of Fall.  

“Especially now after COVID, we're all starting to come out,” Nancy Dubendorfer, Associate Broker with Warren Real Estate, said. “We all need that sense of community and connection, because this is Corning, and that's what this is all about.”  

A scarecrow competition is also part of this weekend’s festival. Participating organizations decorated their own scarecrows, and put them on display along Market Street. People could vote for which scarecrow they felt was the best in the festival. Nate Kelsey, with Premium Mortgage, was the only live human Scarecrow part of the competition this year.

“It's been great,” Kelsey said. “We're having fun, kids are coming up; they're bowling paper towel tubes... we're handing out some candy, we're just having a great afternoon.”  

Patsy Brown opened her tarot reading business, House of Tarot Cards, on Market Street this past July. She gave readings to people at the festival Saturday afternoon. She says events like Harvest Fest allow her to network with local customers and small business owners.  

“It’s not just walking down a street and looking at vendors, it's about meeting people,” Brown said. “It’s about becoming friends with people and shops that are on the same street.”  

People can learn more about everything going on in Corning’s Gaffer District this weekend online.