ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- A local farmers market in Chemung County is hoping to expand affordable healthy food options in the community and grow the market with more farmers.

The owners of Muddy Fingers Farm opened the Grove Park Farmers' Market in Elmira. The market features local vendors that not only provide fresh produce at discounted prices but a whole lot more.

Grove Park Farmers' Market has been in Elmira since June. They offer a variety of fresh organic foods, including sweet corn, the greenest veggies, fresh peppers, meats, fruit, you name! The Co-Chief Farmer of Muddy Finger Farm in Hector, NY says she started the Grove Park Farmers Market. It's her 20th year growing veggies.

"We bring in fresh veggies and meats and microgreens usually and we come every week to Elmira to sell to people," Liz Martin said.

There weren't many people out shopping today. Martin says the rain tends to keep many folks away.  But not these farmers, they show up rain or shine.  

"It's really important to the local farms for people to come out and buy food directly from the farmers. We get a bigger percentage, it keeps open land in our communities and it keeps farmers, an important part of our economy going. So it's really great when you can come out and shop at a local farmers' market and support local farms," Martin said.

There are usually multiple food vendors at the Grove Park Farmers' Market. On Monday there were only two, however, between the two farmers, you could get a large variety of organic produce.

"Usually we have a microgreens vendor here, she sells kits, you can grow your own or you can buy fresh microgreens to eat. We'd be glad to have other local growers. They can contact Muddy Fingers Farm," Martin said.

A local farmer with Straight-Way Farm was at the market selling everything from syrup to soaps. She also believes it's critical that the community shop locally and support their local farmers. It benefits not only the farmers but the community's growth as well.

"It makes a difference to a farmer. It's their livelihood. The other thing is when we came here today, my husband picked all this stuff in the rain and if nobody comes you know we can't sell it if nobody comes," Marcia Bauchel said.

America’s farmers’ markets are great sources of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. The Food and Nutrition Service  is an agency of the USDA that says they are committed to expanding access to these foods by SNAP recipients while supporting economic opportunities for farmers and producers.

The Grove Park Farmers Market is a participating market that accepts SNAP benefits. You can also find a list of farmers' markets that accept SNAP benefits here.

If you are interested in checking out The Grove Farmers Market, it runs every Monday until Halloween from 3 pm to 6 pm.