WAYLAND, N.Y. (WENY)--Wednesday, The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado touched down in Steuben County on Monday night. A storm survey team confirmed that the twister tore through a part of Wayland, stretching almost two miles.

The tornado touched down at approximately 7:30 pm. The National Weather Service says it lasted for about 5 minutes. Residents were in shock this took place in their town and were totally blindsided by this tornado.

Trees were uprooted, cars were damaged, and roofs were blown off. One resident says he has lived in Wayland for twenty years and has never seen anything like this.

The tornado ripped through Wayland packing a punch.

"It was so noisy the wind was so strong, I didn't even hear this tree fall," Donald Ellis a resident of Wayland said!

The National Weather Service classified the twister as an EF-1, which means it had winds up to 90 miles an hour. Ellis says a tree in his backyard was uprooted and fell across the entire yard. He was worried the pine tree in front of his home would go down and was keeping an eye on it as it swayed back and forth.

"I'm going that ain't going to stay there, it's gotta go cause generally pine trees aren't rooted very much and can just fall right over during a big storm. I'm surprised it didn't go over but this tornado just hit in certain ways, I don't know, I mean it took part of my roof off," Ellis said.

Mark Pellerito the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service out of Binghamton says the storm dropped a tornado just to the northwest of Wayland. It took about a 2-mile path through town and ended up dissipating southeast of Wayland. Until Wednesday, it was not clear if the damage was caused by a tornado however the survey team came out and confirmed it with evidence left behind.

"When we do conduct these surveys sometimes it's straight-line winds. Sometimes it's a tornado whether it's going in a circle or going in a straight line doesn't matter as much as the speed. If it's 90 miles an hour in a straight line or in a circle like a tornado it's going to sound like a freight train and cause a lot of damage," Pellerito said.

Many of the front yards on Buffalo street were covered with fallen trees. Joe Stilson drove an hour to check on his friend Gail next door to Ellis.  Her home was hit hard by the tornado, surrounded by a sea of fallen trees.

"She said a tornado came down the hillside and it was blowing her furniture all around. And it wiped out all the trees in her yard," Stilson said.

There were no reported injuries.