(WENY) - Sysco workers in New York State are currently on strike.

Workers are seeking a contract, something they have not had since August 20th. Representatives say that the company doesn't want to do business fairly with workers as far as a contract is concerned.

Workers went out on strike at 9 PM last night and today is their first day of walking the picket line.

According to Ray Locke, a Sysco employee, negotiations will remain at a stalemate until both sides go back to the table.

"We were essential workers throughout the pandemic.," said Locke. "We had to take and come in and deliver to the stores that were still open, restaurants that were still open, we were even delivering to the hospitals and the nursing homes through out this pandemic. So them not giving us a fair wage and a fair contract is beyond my understanding as to why they want to be like that."

Sysco has hubs in Buffalo, Utica, and Rochester and a warehouse in Warners, New York near Syracuse.