CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Hundreds of people attended Corning's reptile show at the Civic Center Plaza. Reptile breeders and vendors came out to share their knowledge on the critters.  

Organizer Jacob Deter wanted to put this show on to share his love and knowledge of reptiles. 

“What I would like them to take away is a great experience for the family...learn about some stuff they've never seen,” he said. “We've got some cool, exotic stuff that you don't see...ever...unless you go to pet stores.” 

Deter is a reptile breeder. He said he wanted to give the community a chance to see hundreds of exotic reptiles, as well as the opportunity to purchase and take one home. 


“I figured...our area doesn't really have anything like this and why not...just...give it a shot,” he said. “We've got everything from snakes and hedgehogs to geckos and skinks...a few chameleons.” 

35 tables of vendors were at the event to display their reptiles. Philip Card, a vendor at the event, is the owner of Card Family Exotic Pets. Card said he attends reptile shows from New York to West Virginia, whenever he gets the chance. Card added, his fascination with reptiles began five years ago. 

“I was in a depression state and I found comfort in them,” he said. “I developed issues...that I couldn't do the job I was doing so, I turned to the reptiles.”  

Deter said the community has been very supportive of him and his passion for reptiles. 

“My favorite part about the event would probably be all the smiles on the children's faces,” he said.